Membership applications are accepted at every activity the NRAA is involved in. Membership fees provide the majority of funding for all our groups activities, combined with other fund raising efforts. All of the organization’s activities succeed because of the great response from volunteers within the membership. Each event is staffed by NRAA members who unselfishly volunteer their time. Some of the activities the NRAA conducts throughout the year are;

  • Salmon and Steelhead Pen Rearing
  • Lower Niagara River Walleye Restoration
  • Youth Fishing Derbies
  • Fish Stocking and Hatchery Assistance
  • Publishing of Group Newsletter
  • Website
  • Attend Seminars and Other Groups Meetings
  • NYS DEC Youth Camp
  • Wilderness Preserve
  • Various Events and Fund Raisers


The NRAA has open meetings six times a year. The officers and trustees contribute to each meeting. The meetings are open to the public and to all who wish to learn more about the regional sport fishery and group efforts to enhance it. The format for the meeting consists of a discussion of the past, present and future club business and activities, followed by a report in some cases from local and regional state Biologists, DEC representatives, federal agencies and organizations or sport fishery exports.


The NRAA has many accomplishments and is proud of the progress made when it comes to community involvement and education concerning outdoors and sport fishing related activities. Memberships are what makes this organization strong and yours is valued.

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As with any successful organization, it takes a membership and the NRAA has continued to maintain a strong, active, talented and dedicated membership. For over 25 years now we continue to enjoy a stable, growing number of members. If you’re not already a member, we invite you to join us. Why not bring along your friends and become a part of one of the greatest local associations that works hard on behalf of the environment, sport fishing enthusiast, communities and our youth. All this, along with the pride of being a part of today’s history as it is being made, and still only $20.00 a year, and starting 2011 you have the option of a spousal membership for just $10 more and that will give you and your spouse multiple Wilderness Preserve key options. And don’t forget, you will also receive five (5) issues of our publication titled “News & Views” and the opportunity to buy a key to our wonderful Wilderness Preserve.

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