NRAA Constitution & Bylaws

Niagara River Anglers Association. Constitution & Bylaws also available for download as a PDF Here

APPROVED in June 1982. Revised 1996, 2002, 2004, 2007, 2008

Article I NAME

The name of this organization shall be the Niagara River Anglers Association herein referred to as N.R.A.A.


A. The purpose of the N.R.A.A. shall be to inform and coordinate the efforts of individuals, organizations and the general public interested in resource conservation and enhancement, foster and promote the entire Niagara River system and its adjoining areas, and the further preservation of fish and wildlife. The N.R.A.A. shall be active in such areas as listed within, but not exclusive to only them:

  1. To educate the youth and adult public on issues which improve the sport fishery for all species through stocking, sound catch and release practices, and improved fishing techniques.
  2. To promote the continuous improvement of water quality and to protect and enhance the regional sport fishery and its wetlands, habitat and environment, for all individuals and organizations in the Niagara region.
  3. To emphasize the importance of a clean and litter free environment.
  4. To promote good sportsmanship through youth and adult programs.
  5. To encourage improved landowner / fisherman relations through better communication.
  6. To pursue adequate access, along with the proper management of the Niagara River and adjoining areas, including but not exclusive to:
  • Boat Launches
  • Walking Paths
  • Fishing Docks
  • Boat Docking
  • Fish Cleaning Stations


The N.R.A.A. shall consist of the following eleven (11) officers. President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and seven (7) Trustees. Their duties and terms of office are as follows:

A. President

  1. Shall conduct all regular Membership Meetings, Board Meetings and any Special Meetings called for the purpose of conducting N.R.A.A. business.
  2. To appoint all committee chairmen, subject to approval by the Board of Directors by a majority vote of those members present at said meeting. The President shall explain to each appointed chairman their duties as defined by the Constitution and By-laws and as set forth by the Board of Directors.
  3. To oversee the efficient management of all business of the N.R.A.A.
  4. To be a member of the Board of Directors.
  5. Term of office shall be one calendar year beginning at the conclusion of the December membership meeting through the conclusion of the following December Membership meeting.

B. Vice-President

  1. To assume the duties of the President in their temporary absence.
  2. To act as Chairman where needed on one or more of the standing committees of the N.R.A.A.
  3. To be a member of the Board of Directors.
  4. Term of office shall be one calendar year beginning at the conclusion of the December membership meeting through the conclusion of the following December Membership meeting.

C. Secretary

  1. To record minutes of all meetings and distribute copies to all board members.
  2. To send, receive and file all correspondence of the N.R.A.A.
  3. To be a member of the Board of Directors.
  4. Term of office shall be one calendar year beginning at the conclusion of the December membership meeting through the conclusion of the following December Membership meeting.

D. Treasurer

  1. To be responsible for all funds of the N.R.A.A. in a manner set forth by the Board of Directors, Internal Revenue Service and /or any other mandatory legal directives.
  2. To present the treasury bank account records and transactions and all financial information to the Board of Directors at each board meeting.
  3. To present all proper documents and information to the Board of Directors at their February board meeting for their review and signature as outlined in these by-laws.
  4. To coordinate and over see the preparation of any and all tax forms and the filling of any and all necessary documents.
  5. To present a financial report overview at each regular membership meeting and answer any questions regarding the data presented.
  6. To be a member of the Board of Directors.
  7. Term of office shall be one calendar year beginning at the conclusion of the December membership meeting through the conclusion of the following December Membership meeting.

E. Trustees

The N.R.A.A. shall have a total of seven (7) trustees. Their duties and terms are as follows:

  1. To assist and advise the President in the management of all N.R.A.A. business.
  2. To study and make recommendations on any matters proposed by the membership.
  3. A minimum of four (4) trustees will review and sign the Treasurers books annually. Documentation will be presented by the February board meeting and signed as soon as possible there after.
  4. To assist in fund raising activities of the N.R.A.A.
  5. To act on any business brought before them by the President which cannot wait until the next board meeting or regular meeting of the membership.
  6. To perform duties prescribed in other sections of this Constitution and By-laws.
  7. The Trustees shall elect a chairman from amongst their members at its annual January board meeting each year. The term shall be for the calendar year beginning in January through the following January.
  8. To be members of the Board of Directors.
  9. Term of office shall be for two (2) years, and shall begin at the conclusion of the December membership meeting in their respective election year and run to the conclusion of the December membership meeting two (2) years later. Trustee terms shall be staggered as follows to keep continuity in running the business of the N.R.A.A.

* Four (4) trustees to be elected in even numbered years.

* Three (3) trustees to be elected in odd numbered years.

F. Board of Directors

The N.R.A.A. shall have a Board of Directors that consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and seven (7) Trustees. Their duties will be as defined in these By-laws as individuals and as the Board of Directors.

  1. The general management of all affairs of the N.R.A.A. shall be vested in and the responsibility of the Board of Directors.
  2. To make up the Constitution and By-laws Committee with one (1) member serving as Chairman. The President shall not be eligible to hold this chairmanship.
  3. A member of the board shall be named to each established committee and act as the liaison between the committee and the board.

Each board member liaison shall provide the committee chairman with the work sheets to be used to track any and all income, expenditures, donated work hours, etc. as outlined on the work sheets.


  1. All committee chairman shall be appointed and/or replaced by the President subject to a majority approval of the board, unless otherwise stated in these by-laws.
  2. Standing committees shall serve one year terms from January to December.
    They are as follows:
  • Sport fishing
  • Fundraising
  • Education
  • Access & environment
  • Election (consisting of (3) non board members
  • Membership

3. Any additional appointed committees other than the standing committees listed in these by-laws, shall serve terms as
prescribed by the Board of Directors.


A. Nominations for all office openings shall be taken from the floor at the annual October membership meeting. Any member seeking an office, must be a member in good standing for a minimum of two (2) calendar years immediately prior to September 30th of the election year. Nominations shall be conducted as follows:

  1. Nominations will be conducted by the Election Committee.
  2. Any member desiring to run for office must be present and accept his/her nomination at the October membership meeting.
  3. Any member desiring to run for office and knowingly can not be present at the October membership meeting, may make their intentions known in writing. They will state the office they seek, date and sign the letter. It must be post marked no later than five (5) regular business days prior to the meeting date. Said letter will be turned over to the election committee and his/her name will be entered into nomination, provided they are a member in good standing. All letters of acceptance must be mailed to the official N.R.A.A. Post Office Box.

B. Elections shall be conducted at the annual December membership meeting by the Election committee.

  1. When there are more members nominated than the number of openings for the office as called for in these by-laws, the election shall take place by written ballot as provided and coordinated by the Election Committee. For those offices that have no additional nominees as called for by these by-laws, the sitting Secretary shall cast one vote and record it in the meeting minutes. Those nominees will be considered elected.
  2. Officers shall be sworn in and assume their duties prior to the closing of the annual December membership meeting.
  3. The oath of office will be conducted by a member of the election committee prior to the December membership meeting adjournment.
  4. Only members of the N.R.A.A with their yearly dues paid in full by September 30th of the current year shall be considered eligible to vote in the annual December election. A. The Chairman of the Membership committee shall present the Election Committee Chairman with an up to date membership listing that indicates who is eligible to seek office and vote in the December election.


A. Board Meetings

  1. Board meetings shall be conducted once a month at a time and location agreed to by 2/3rds consent of the board.
  2. Board meeting time and location will be communicated to the membership for their knowledge so any member can attend as an observer. Any member in good standing may attend and request to speak at any board meeting on issues that pertain to the N.R.A.A. and will be afforded a reasonable amount of time at the beginning of the board meeting. A rule of thumb will be five (5) to ten (10) minutes. Additional time may be given to the member by the board if they deem warranted.
  3. A quorum will be needed to conduct proper business at any regular or special meetings of the board. A quorum will be a minimum of six (6) board members present.
  4. All board or special meetings will be conducted following Roberts Rules of Order.

B. Membership Meetings

  1. Membership meetings shall be conducted on the third Monday of each designated meeting month. Provided the designated location can accommodate this day. If not, the Board of Directors will explore other alternative locations and/or dates.
  2. Dates, times and location, to the extent practicable will be established by the Board of Directors in January of each year.
  3. If a date change is needed, the board will select an alternative date and give as much advance notice to the membership as soon as possible using all means available to them.
  4. Any motion or recommendation presented by a member at a membership meeting that calls for the expenditure of N.R.A.A. finances, regardless of the amount, will be forwarded to the Board of Directors for discussion and action at their next scheduled meeting. A report of action taken or suggested will be presented at the next membership meeting.
  5. Membership meetings shall be conducted following Roberts Rules of Order.


A. Membership shall be open to anyone interested in the aims and goals of the N.R.A.A.

B. Annual dues shall be established and presented to the membership by the Board of Directors at a regular membership meeting no later than October of each calendar year and will take affect for the next calendar membership year.

C. Membership year shall be the calendar year (January 1, through December 31).

D. Members not abiding by the aims and goals of the N.R.A.A. or the written and posted rules of the Wilderness Preserve are subject to review and possible ejection by the Board of Directors as follows:

  1. Said members actions will be discussed by the board. If action is warranted, a letter will be sent to the member requesting their presence at the next board meeting or special meeting. The concerns will be presented and said member afforded the opportunity to respond. If ejection is then deemed warranted, the member will be notified in writing by the board. No dues will be refunded.
  2. Ejection will be for a two (2) year period before reapplication will be considered.

E. Any and all membership lists are the sole possession of the N.R.A.A. and can not be given out to any member without the approval of the Board of Directors. This membership list can not be used for anything other than N.R.A.A. business. It can not be given or sold to anyone outside the N.R.A.A. without the written authorization of the N.R.A.A. Board of Directors.


A. In the event the President cannot complete the remainder or his/her term in office, the Vice President will assume the duties and responsibilities of the office of President.

  1. In the event the Vice President determines he/she can not properly carry out the duties as President, the Board of Directors shall appoint an acting President. This will be done by a majority vote of the board
  2. It will be the responsibility of the board to actively seek out a member qualified to fill the position of President. The appointment will be for the remainder of the calendar term.
  3. All other vacancies of any office, other than that of President, will be filled by appointment made by the Board of Directors. Any appointment will be for the remainder of the calendar year.

B. In the event that any officer miss’s three consecutive meetings without just cause, the board of directors can end his/her term with a 2/3 vote and replace them under terms of this article.


A. All changes, additions, and/or corrections to this document must abide by the following procedures:

  1. A proposed change or addition may be made by any member in good standing at any time. The proposed change or addition must be submitted in writing, signed and dated by the member. Submission may be presented to any board member or mailed to the N.R.A.A. official Post Office Box address.
  2. Any member may make a proposed change or addition under New Business at a regular membership meeting. It will become the responsibility of the By-laws Committee Chairman to properly follow the necessary steps for review. No action or discussion shall take place at this meeting when presented from the floor.
  3. All proposals will become the property of the By-laws Committee for review. The Chairman of the committee will present a recommendation to the entire board for action.
  4. Any proposed change or addition accepted by the board will be read at the next general membership meeting with no action or discussion to take place.
  5. The proposed change or addition will then be read for the 2nd time at the next membership meeting. It will then be discussed and voted upon. A 2/3rds vote of those members present will be required to adopt the change.
  6. The Chairman of the By-laws Committee will document the change and ensure the proper revision is made and the current By-laws nare updated.
  7. A current copy of the Constitution and By-laws will be published in the N.R.A.A. publication and/or web site yearly, as close to the beginning of the year as possible.


A. In the event that this organization should become dormant or disband, all funds left shall be donated to the Niagara County Federation of Conservation Clubs or to a like organization as permitted by law in accordance with our 501C status.

B. All possessions of the N.R.A.A. will be properly disposed of by public sale or other legal method with the proceeds being dispersed as stated in this document.

Prepared by Dave Faccini Adopted as revised December 15, 2008

Vice President